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We are at full capacity for this round of the Thrive Project! There will be another round in the near future though, so why not get in touch and find out more?

The Thrive Project

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What is the Thrive Project?

The Thrive Project is a life changing, soul shifting 10-week online course that will take you on a journey of deep inner transformation. I always knew there was more to life. I always knew there was a depth to it that I hadn’t yet experienced, so I faced my fears and saw my obstacles as an opportunity to heal, grow, expand and tap into my unlimited potential. This took many years, but I’ve condensed the most profound teachings down into this step-by-step, easy to follow course. There are 8 juicy modules which include inspiring videos, life-altering wisdom, worksheets, meditations and bonus modules from some of my favourite leaders and coaches.

How can I help you?

Let me take you to the other side. The other side of fear, the other side of doubt, the other side of comparison, insecurity, fogginess and confusion.

Let me guide you into the light, where abundance, self-belief, clarity and joy live. Let me guide you back home to yourself so that when you finally get to the end of your beautiful life, you can smile because you know you owned it, you lived it, you squeezed every last drop of juice out of it, you made a difference and it really meant something.

If you want massive change and real results…You have to be willing to do things you’ve never done before

If you understand that YOU are the best investment you’ll ever make, if you’re ready to change your life, then you’re in the right place.


“I wish every woman in the world could work with Megan and hear her message. My life is unrecognisable compared to this time last year.”

“Megan’s workshops have completely changed my life. I just knew something had to change but had no idea where to start and she makes it feel so simple. There’s something about the  way she explains things which just gets through to me . Emotionally it’s a lot, you have to be willing to go deep – but wow it’s worth it.”

“I feel 10/10! I have never felt so connected with myself or others spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically.”

Video Testimonials

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Becky Becky Fowler Caragh Caragh Barry Diane Diane O'Connor Harriet Harriet Stephens Jess Jess Catterill

What's included?

Thrive Workbook
  • Lifetime Access to over 30 in-depth video teachings
  • Lifetime Access to the printable worksheets and guided meditations
  • 8 life changing modules for deep inner transformation
  • A beautiful community of likeminded women who are all doing the work
  • Lifetime access to the private Instagram group for support, advice and accountability.
  • Bonus 1: Guided Meditations from Rochelle Fox
  • Bonus 2: Mastering Inner Peace with Sandy Newbigging
  • Bonus 3: Intuition and Magic with David Lion
  • Bonus 4: Unshakable Confidence with The Queen of Confidence
  • Bonus 5: How to Finish what you Start with the Completion Coach
  • Bonus 6: The Goal Setter Workshop
  • Bonus 7: Vision Boarding Workshop
  • The Thrive Project can be accessed from your phone, tablet or laptop to learn on the go! No matter where in the world you are.

What's the price?

Pay Up Front


What happens over the 10 weeks?


Week 1 

Get set up, create your sacred space and settle into the private Instagram group where you’ll be able to meet other likeminded women and start your journey feeling safe, supported and motivated. Learn about my own personal journey and enjoy your first bonus lesson from The Completion Coach.


Week 2

It’s time to let go of who you thought you were and discover your real self. The first module is all about understanding the role of your ego and tapping into the unlimited power of your higher self. You’ll also learn about meditation and begin your own sacred practice.


Week 3

Understand what self-love really means and how to implement it into your life. Figure out what your story is, how it’s been holding you back and how to rewrite your future. Harness the power of mirror work and affirmations.


Week 4

Is suffering really necessary? In the third module we dive deep into the mindset behind suffering, how to access joy and understand the Universe in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.


Week 5 

Make peace with the past, let go of the stagnant energy that’s been holding you back from reaching your highest potential, learn how to forgive and release resentment. Dive deep into inner child work with a powerful workshop hosted by Matt Cama so you can finally heal the wounds that have been sabotaging your happiness.


Week 6 

The fifth module will bring a powerful shift as we silence your inner critic and practice embodying self-discernment over self-judgment. Learn how to process and feel through painful emotions such as anxiety, anger and sadness. Harness the power of response to adversity and take empowered control over your own life.


Week 7

Understand how to move from a life that’s rooted in fear and harness the power of love in everything you do. Rewrite the thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back and discover the ways you tend to self-sabotage so that you can put these habits behind you once and for all.


Week 8 

Realise the power of gratitude and tap into your unlimited self-worth.  Learn how to step out of your comfort zone and access unshakable confidence with a special bonus lesson from The Queen of Confidence.


Week 9

Create miracles in your life by embodying abundance so that you can truly Thrive in a world where anything is possible. Learn how to manifest like a true Queen and call in whatever you desire. Discover your purpose and create a life filled with joy, fulfilment and clarity.


Week 10 

The closing ceremony and access to the rest of your juicy bonuses! A time to celebrate and reflect upon your journey. The limits you’ve broken through, the incredible shifts you’ve experienced and the brand-new mindset that will forever create miracles in your life.


Abi Brown

We are half way through the Thrive project and I honestly can say it’s changed my life. It’s phenomenal how I can already look back to the women I was 5 weeks ago and not even recognise her.

For me, taking a leap in to this course has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve looked at things in my life that I knew were there and I needed to work on. I’ve smashed them down and out of my way, I’ve never felt so liberated and confident in my whole life.

I know exactly who I am, exactly what my values are and exactly what I am worth. I know that everything I want I already have right inside me and the Thrive Project has given me that. I will be forever grateful for Megan allowing me to access this version of myself.

I show up so much better in each aspect of my life as I appreciate everything I have. My relationship, my parenthood, my work, my friends, my own self worth, my relationship with my body, it has all had an impact from this course.

If I could go back and give myself a snippet of how things would change, I would jump two feet in and do this all over again!

– Abi Brown

Sashini Jinasena

I can confidently say that purchasing this course has been the best decision I made this year. I am only 4 weeks in, yet already it’s opened my eyes up to so much and has truly made a significant impact on my life.

The reason this course is special is because you can tell that Megan really cares, the effort she has put in comes through in each module and each workbook, and it’s clear that she only has one intention – to help us grow through everything she has learnt. And I feel like that is such an invaluable and rare experience – to be able to engage in a course that is so raw and has that much meaning, delivered by someone who truly cares. It allows you to absorb all the content that much more, and truly practice what you learn in your day to day life.

Apart from the incredibly juicy content, the community that the Thrive Project has built is so special. I’ve had the chance to interact with women from different backgrounds, and we are all so different yet so similar at the same time. It’s been amazing to go through this altogether, and I cannot thank Megan and her team enough for putting this together. So so grateful!

– Sashini Jinasena

Mel Latham

I feel like I don’t have the words to fully explain what this course has done for me so far. It really is a life changing experience. I was hesitant initially about spending money on myself, but my god, am I glad I went for it !! I know it will be one of the best investments I ever make.

Megan explains everything so clearly and makes it all so relatable, she is funny and warm and you feel like you are having a conversation with a best mate (a very wise one). I always come away from the videos feeling like she was talking to me directly and just have so many ‘aha’ moments. The guest speakers are amazing as well and have opened up a whole new avenue of information that I would not have found on my own. The meditations are wonderful, for someone that has little experience I was amazed at how much they just really hit the right chord and have released so many thoughts and feelings I didn’t even know I had!

There are tough moments because you are opening up and shedding your old self, but Meg is so supportive and the community spaces the group share are fantastic, a beautiful tribe of like minded women. I would urge anyone starting to look inward and find new meaning in life to go for it ! I truly can’t imagine anyone regretting it! I already feel so much happier and have a new found confidence in myself and who I really am.

– Mel Latham

Michaela Selling

This course has changed my life. I really couldn’t recommend it enough. It is so well thought out and put together. It is very clear that a lot of effort went into making this and I would say it is worth every penny.

When I started this course I was not long out of an abusive relationship and was a new mum. I felt like I was stupid, like I couldn’t do anything, like my life was an absolute mess and my internal voice was not too kind at all. I carried a lot of fear and anger in my heart, and I was completely overwhelmed with my circumstances. I had a lot to heal from.

After finishing this course I know I am smart, I am brave I am an incredibly strong women who is in control of her life and is limitless. I truly mean that. I can do anything I put my mind to. I find something every day to be grateful for, I now set healthy boundaries to better my life I hold myself accountable for the things I want to change. I have learnt how to heal.

This course gives you all the information and the tools you need to thrive in life and to re gain control, to love yourself, to assess your life and how to change habits that do not serve you. This course opens your eye and reminds you of how truly incredible you are.  The things you learn on this course will help you for the rest of your life and to me that’s priceless.  Thankyou Megan x


– Micaela Selling

This is for you if…

You are ready to take full responsibility for your life and step up as the powerful creator of your own reality.

You are 100% committed to showing up and doing the work, applying the knowledge and taking inspired action.

You are ready to dive deep and discover what’s been holding you back so you can finally heal your life.

You are ready to explore spirituality and the ways in which it can transform your experience of life.

You are willing to keep an open mind and an open heart as you learn how to release fear and lean into love.

You are ready to be part of a beautiful online community of likeminded women who are on the exact same journey as you.

You’re ready to see massive changes in your life.

You’re open to releasing old habits and ways of living that have been keeping you stuck.

You’re ready to reclaim your power and finally embody the confidence, peace and joy you’ve been searching for.

If you did not answer yes to the requirements above, this course is not yet for you. Please come back and join us once you feel 100% ready.

“Thanks to Megan I’ve really become my own best friend and self doubt does not have any power over me anymore. That was my goal all along. I feel amazing”

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The THRIVE project is 10 weeks of deep inner work, 10 weeks of massive transformation to take you from where you are now, to a life where you are truly standing in your power and THRIVING beyond belief.

If this is speaking to you, if your heart is calling out for this experience, if you’re ready to level up and you are determined to change…

Video Testimonials

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Lisa Lisa Mills Milly Milly Byczkowski Natasha Natasha Maksymowski Sally Sally Rudman Jess Jess Catterill


“I feel great! I am meditating regularly. I am speaking kindly to myself. I’m not comparing myself to others as much as I used to. I am slowing down and pausing to breathe when I need to, I’m striving for all my goals. I know how to talk to myself now and I feel like I’ve had a revelation so early in my life!”

“I’ve struggled with anxiety about what others think and wondering if I’m doing the right thing. I wanted to figure out my relationships with my boyfriend, my friends and myself and to feel strong in myself and get rid of self-doubt and anxiety. My relationship with my boyfriend is so much better. I have more faith in myself and find it easier to come back from negative days.”

“I have struggled with the judgment and doubt of my inner critic. These past couple of months have been life changing. I feel so much calmer, centred, at peace, in love with myself and can feel huge shifts coming that will allow me to step into my power. I can feel energy all around me and see the beauty of what’s in front of me.”

What's the price?

Pay Up Front


Applications are now closed...

We are at full capacity for this round of the Thrive Project! There will be another round in the near future though, so why not get in touch and find out more?