Break through limiting beliefs and master your mindset. I have teamed up with some of the best coaches in the industry to help you transform your life…

The Inner Queen Workshop

Step into your power, unleash your magic and set yourself free! A 3 hour, life changing workshop for anyone who feels stuck in a rut.

How to be Single and Own it

A workshop on embracing the single life and thriving on your own without relying on a partner to make you feel whole.

Megan Rose Lane and the Queen of Confidence

Stop Caring What Others Think

Join the Queen of Confidence and Megan Rose Lane as they teach you how to stop constantly comparing yourself, people pleasing & giving too many fucks. It’s time to let go of self-doubt, shame and playing small. It’s time for you to DO YOU.

Money - Get Your Shit Together

Money: Get Your Shit Together

Join Lisa Conway-Hughes from Ladies Finance Club UK as she teams up with Megan Rose Lane, London based empowerment and mindset mentor to teach us how to get our shit together with money and say goodbye to old limiting beliefs.

The Inner Child Workshop with Matt Cama

Go through an immersive 3.5 hour online workshop to discover the process to healing your inner child and re-parenting yourself so you can experience emotional freedom in your life.

The Goalsetter Workshop

How to overcome obstacles, set goals and build lasting habits to change your life.